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120176Re: [XP] Is there anyone who uses xp methods in embedded applications?

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  • Russel Hill
    Jun 1, 2006
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      On 6/1/06, William Rutiser <wruyahoo05@...> wrote:
      > This podcast may be of interest.
      > Nancy Van Schooenderwoer and Bob Payne "talk about her work in the agile
      > embedded software space. She talks about her work, the challenges of
      > instrumenting embedded software for automated testing and the future of
      > a Fit Fixture for the embedded software world."

      We're already using Fit with embedded software. To be fair, these
      platforms have 8MB RAM, 4MB Flash, and a network connection. One these
      platforms we also run a test suite against the FPGAs behavior.

      We've done XP on less capable embedded platforms, but they predate our
      adoption of Fit. We had tests for that code running on our dev box but
      not on the embedded platform. It was reasonable painful when we did
      run into a platform specific issue (sqrt on the embedded target didn't
      work). However, since we had good test coverage (on the dev box), we
      pretty much knew we were looking for either a compiler or a library
      bug. If I had to do that over agian, I'd find / make a way for the
      tests to run against the embedded hardware. I don't think a Fit
      fixture would be all that hard...
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