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120170Re: [XP] Is there anyone who uses xp methods in embedded applications?

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  • William Rutiser
    Jun 1, 2006
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      This podcast may be of interest.
      Nancy Van Schooenderwoer and Bob Payne "talk about her work in the agile
      embedded software space. She talks about her work, the challenges of
      instrumenting embedded software for automated testing and the future of
      a Fit Fixture for the embedded software world."


      -- Bill Rutiser

      Greg Akins wrote:
      > You can try this article http://atomicobject.com/papers.page
      > I know a guy at Union Switch & Signal in Pittsburgh who is trying (with
      > varying levels of success) to do unit testing of embedded C; but don't know
      > much of the details.
      > On 6/1/06, Micron Engineering <micronpn@...> wrote:
      >> I would like to know some opinions about unit test implementations in
      >> embedded applications (mainly in C and C++).
      >> Thanks,
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