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  • Dan Bunea
    May 31, 2006
      From my experience, I see that people working in pairs, tend to be
      disturbed by the others a lot less. However there should be a very good
      balance between the quite time and osmotic communication (Alistair
      Cockburn-Agile Software Development), as too many quite time tends to
      disrupt the important information flow, ending rapidly in duplication and
      other side effects, and too much communication, might end up with nothing
      ever done, because people can't focus too much being disturbed all the

      Dan Bunea

      On Wed, 31 May 2006 15:05:35 +0400, <PaulOldfield1@...> wrote:

      > (responding to William)
      >> Do others notice this effect? And do people have specific tricks to
      >> fend off productivity-sapping interruptions?
      > 3 techniques from non-XP shops; they may adapt.
      > 1/ (not tried but heard about) have a desk at least 40 feet from the
      > team work area. Anyone working there is trying not to be
      > interrupted.
      > 2/ (again not tried but heard about) put a "Do not disturb until"
      > notice on top of the console. 'Until' can't be more than 2 hours
      > away & can't be changed once posted, so folk know when to
      > come back. (doesn't seem to fit with 'osmotic communication'
      > principles?)
      > 3/ (what I do) go and hover by the desk of the person you want
      > to talk to. If they are readily receptive they will look up and
      > engage. If they are doing something they don't want interrupted
      > they will not immediately engage. Where this happens, if what
      > I want isn't urgent, I'll jot a note on a post-it and leave it on their
      > desk to pick up when they're ready. They can judge my assessment
      > of urgency by how long I'm prepared to wait before writing out the
      > post-it. You get to learn hand signals that can convey a wide
      > variety of responses ("Two minutes"; "Come back in 5"; "Can't
      > talk now"; "Join in, we'll get round to your topic but help us with
      > this" etc.)
      > HTH,
      > Paul Oldfield
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