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119210Re: [XP] Book Review: Pragmatic Ajax

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  • Ian Collins
    May 1, 2006
      Phlip wrote:

      >Forrest Chang wrote:
      >>For the last question, are you asking for a navigation into offending
      >>code? You can navigate to the part that didn't pass in the test the
      >>way it is, and I've thought about writing something that goes through
      >>the ROR stack traces to hit that.
      >Kent Beck calls that topic "test faults are syntax errors". That means
      >_all_ errors, whatever their source, should appear in the same list in
      >your editor, and you should hit <F4> or similar to optionally navigate
      >to them.
      Quite hard with JavaScript because your tests run in a different
      environment (browsers) for your editor. The browser my even be on a
      different box when testing in multiple environments.

      >Once when I pushed for a system like that, my colleagues using Vim
      >demonstrated that it was impossible, because Vim indeed had an option
      >to jump to the first syntax error. But its problem was it _always_
      >jumped; you couldn't just opt to jump. Under TDD, 5!% of the time when
      >a test fails your cursor should already be near the cause.
      Not being able to link form the editor is a good way to force small
      changes and frequent test runs.

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