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119205Re: [XP] Book Review: Pragmatic Ajax

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  • Forrest Chang
    May 1, 2006
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      If you use selenium with Ruby On Rails, you can do a "rake
      test_acceptance" and it will kick off the selenium tests with each
      browser you've specified in the config file. This probably comes
      close to meeting your 1st two questions. Not surprisingly since these
      drive browsers, they go by quite a bit slower than normal unit tests.

      For the last question, are you asking for a navigation into offending
      code? You can navigate to the part that didn't pass in the test the
      way it is, and I've thought about writing something that goes through
      the ROR stack traces to hit that.

      On 4/30/06, Phlip <phlip2005@...> wrote:
      > Luiz Esmiralha wrote:
      > > Selenium is compatible with these browsers:
      > >
      > - has anyone ever tested the _entire_ set,
      > simultaneously, after each code change?
      > - has anyone ever figured out how One Test
      > Button can drive tests into all those browsers?
      > - has anyone ever figured out how to navigate
      > to any fault after such a test fails in one
      > of those browsers?
      > These sound like TDD zealotry questions, and of course a healthy
      > project can get by with only spot-checks at test-button-time. However,
      > it seems those questions emerge from the TDD principles...
      > --
      > Phlip
      > http://www.greencheese.us/ZeekLand <-- NOT a blog!!
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