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118812Re: TDD and C++

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  • Jason Almeter
    Apr 7, 2006
      David Carlton <carlton@...> writes:
      > The main mistake I made was not initially using RAII to set up and
      > tear down tests. Have each test correspond to a class, and set things
      > up so the class instance doesn't get constructed until you're about to
      > run it and the destructor gets called right after you run it. This
      > works a lot better than jUnit-style setUp and tearDown methods.

      Interesting. I've been tinkering with my cxxUnit this week (merging a
      version that escaped to another platform back with the original.) I
      used the jUnit style setup and teardown. I'll need to see what RAII
      would do to my implementation. Actually changing it might not happen,
      though. There are a few hundred of them around these days.



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