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118546RE: [XP] TDD and C++

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  • Aragao, Andre Augusto de (Andre)
    Apr 3, 2006
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      Very strange indeed. Not the right place for flame warts... But to this
      point, .NET is the real "toy" framework (it's not a language, by the
      way) - at least for some time. I hope you're not integrating C++ using
      Managed Objects...

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      On 04 02 2006 7:25 AM, "Dean Wampler" <deanwampler@...> wrote:

      > On a side note, is it necessary to use C++ for this project or perhaps

      > for most of its subsystems?

      I suspect it might not be necessary, but since several of the developers
      regard Java as a "toy" language that's fine for "applications" but not
      for "real programming", I'm not about to start that battle now. C++ is
      currently only used for the realtime portion of the application; the GUI
      portion is being written in .NET, although the team is considering Ruby
      on Rails as a platform-independent alternative.

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