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118503Re: [XP] TDD and C++

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  • Dean Wampler
    Apr 2, 2006
      On a side note, is it necessary to use C++ for this project or perhaps
      for most of its subsystems? My last real job (before becoming a
      consultant ;) ) was at a telecom startup in Chicago. In our case, we
      *should* have used Java for most of our project, which was really very
      similar to a typical internet/enterprise-like application server in
      many ways. Some subsystems needed to be written in C++, such as those
      that handled streaming media and those that interfaced to 3rd-party
      C/C++ libraries for which there were no java equivalents. However, had
      we written the rest of the system in Java we could have leveraged many
      of the innovative tools and libraries that aren't available for C++.

      Even for a startup, our management was very conservative and wouldn't
      go along with this approach. Because we had a small team, the result
      was low productivity and difficulty responding quickly to changing
      customer requirements. I think we missed some opportunities as a

      You may not have a choice, but I would consider the options.

      My $0.02,

      On 3/31/06, Alex Pukinskis <Alex.Pukinskis@...> wrote:
      > I am working with a team that is developing telecom applications in C++.
      > So far, we're doing Scrum with user stories and plan to start adding in the
      > core XP practices within a few weeks (TDD, Simple Design, Refactoring, Pair
      > Programming).
      > I have taught TDD in other languages (Java, C#, PHP) but never in C++. Any
      > big gotchas we should watch out for in this context?
      > Anyone with some experience doing TDD in C++ willing to talk about their
      > experiences? Particularly in telecom, networking, or embedded applications?
      > Thanks,
      > -Alex
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      Dean Wampler
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