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118473Re: [XP] Pair programming with the Product Owner?

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  • Tim Haughton
    Mar 31, 2006
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      On 01/04/06, vanschoo@... <vanschoo@...> wrote:
      > Hello -
      > Our team has a Product Owner who is quite technical (knowledgeable about the databases and some coding). One of the developers suggested pair programming with the Product Owner. It sounds like a good idea to try. I'm curious to know if anyone on this list has had a similar situation and tried that.

      Hi, I did something similar a few years ago. It was an interesting
      experiment. It was a much needed, although reasonably small change to
      an existing piece of software. I paired with the product manager and
      did 1 hour iterations. It was quite interesting. I've never tried
      scaling it.


      Tim Haughton

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