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117877Re: [Slightly OT satire] Waterfall 2006 Conference

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  • dan
    Mar 9, 2006
      Too bad it clashes with Micro-Management 2006 (how to achieve mind
      control over your team). Otherwise I would have been there

      Alias wrote:
      > Hi Guys,
      > Check this out - The Waterfall 2006 Conference
      > http://www.waterfall2006.com/
      > Contains gems such as:
      > "Extreme Programming Uninstalled"
      > "Implementation Considered Harmful"
      > "Introduction to dagmatic Programming"
      > "Because it's possible you may want to attend all sessions, Waterfall
      > 2006 features no concurrent sessions. All sessions are run
      > sequentially for your enjoyment. However, since in a waterfall process
      > we don't want testers to know anything about coding, or programmers to
      > know anything about design, and so on, you can only attend sessions
      > that match your job function. When you register to attend you'll be
      > asked to select an appropriate job function. When sessions that are
      > not relevant to you are running you will be required to sit idle in
      > the lobby."
      > I laughed, and then cried.
      > Alias
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