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11724Re: [XP] Refactoring legacy code

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  • John Carter
    Sep 7, 2000
      On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Michael Larionov wrote:

      > Our team was in exactly the same situation, and we did refactoring.
      > Unfortunately, the code was not really testable, because the methods
      > were very large ( one of them was 3000 lines!), so we did some
      > refactoring without unit testing and relied on acceptance tests
      > solely.

      Find the @%$#%@#!'s that wrote / added to that 3000 line monstrosity and
      fire them straight away before they do _any_ more harm.

      Wack them over the head with the a large stick for me, as they may be the
      very ones that left me with some of my problems.

      However it may not be quite as bad as it appears as these %$#%$#@! tend to
      be "copy and paste" programmers. ie. That 3000 lines is often a couple of
      segments copied and pasted time and time again with minor variants.

      John Carter

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