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116985Re: [XP] The amazing misunderstanding of XP

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  • whojgalt04
    Feb 7, 2006
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      --- In extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com, Larry Brunelle
      <brunelle@...> wrote:
      > Steven Gordon wrote:
      > > I wonder how much of the code produced by pairing with candidates
      > > actually be leveraged. Would there be an obligation to pay the
      > > for an hour of work if the code developed in the pairing session was
      > > actually used?

      > o Regardless of good faith, who DOES own that code?

      It wasn't pair programming, but in the last job I had, I later found
      my interview test code in the production system. I looked at it as a
      compliment, but it did strike me a little off, and I still joke about
      how they used me...

      I'd say that the upstanding way to do it is that the test code is
      destroyed, except for maybe a printed copy in the employee's file, and
      if he is hired, then he can do it again "for real" once on the job if
      needed. It just avoids any misunderstandings or temptations that way.

      --Kyle Bennett
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