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11278Re: [XP] Refactoring legacy code

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  • Peter Schrier & Narda Bergsma
    Sep 1 12:04 AM
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      Most times, bugs are detected in the UI by the end-users. So, to prove that the
      user is right about the bug, you have to write a Functional Test which reveals
      it. Then you have to track it down to your code, make a UnitTest for it and fix
      the code, UnitTest to make sure the bug is squashed, and FunctionalTest to
      prove that for the user the bug is removed as well.

      Peter Schrier

      Quoting Mark Wilden <mark@...>:

      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: "Michael C. Feathers" <mfeathers@...>
      > >
      > > For every bug you fix, make sure it is reflected
      > > in a functional test and in a unit test.
      > Of course, you write the test before you fix the bug. Also, I don't think
      > it's necessary to explicitly include detection of the bug in a functional
      > test, if a unit test already does it. It depends how massive and visible
      > the
      > bug is, I guess.
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