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111517[XP] Re: When to refactor?

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  • Uberto Barbini
    Sep 1, 2005
      > One thing that I do, when the first from a set of stories will take
      > longer than the others, is estimate them as 10/1 10/1 10/1 ...
      > the customer asks what that means, and i tell them that it means
      > that the first one they pick will take 10, the rest 1 each.
      > This is easy to understand.

      Yes, it's interesting.
      Anyway I still think it's simpler and clearer still to make a story
      for 9 days of "Preparing application" and 3 1 day stories.

      I know that it is against XP rules, but the customer is happy with it
      and I prefear to call a shovel a shovel.

      Plese note that the story is not about refactoring (of which the
      customer know nothing) but it's about preparing the old application to
      be worked with.

      > done, then actually do them in that amount of time. So three 10/1
      > stories sum to 12, so we would estimate each one as 4 ... and DO IT
      > IN FOUR!
      > Getting that to happen is the advanced bit.

      I see what you mean. If the team (including me of course) were able to
      do so, it was the best choice.

      Bye Uberto
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