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108983Re: Running Tested Features

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  • Anthony Williams
    Jul 19, 2005
      yahoogroups@... writes:

      > However, this isn't what I was talking about. Most capture
      > and replay tools work at the OS (or windowing system)
      > level, bypassing the toolkit entirely. Some do both.
      > Leveraging jfcUnit is a real good thing to do, but it
      > limits the tool to Java Swing applications (granted, there
      > are a lot of them out there.) Hitting the window manager
      > would take a completely different slice through the
      > application space. It would also be able to be
      > ported cross-language.
      > I did some quick checks on Google, but wasn't able
      > to find an exploitable library for Windows (or any other
      > system, for that matter). That probably shows that
      > I didn't know the right search terms!

      AutoIt (http://www.autoitscript.com/) is a free tool for Windows, which allows
      scripting of the GUI. It also features an API for direct control from another

      Disclaimer: I haven't actually tried it

      Anthony Williams
      Software Developer
      "I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go
      flying by." -- Douglas Adams
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