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108732Re: [XP] Re: Running Tested Features

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Jul 15, 2005
      On Friday, July 15, 2005, at 7:41:28 AM, PierG wrote:

      > thank you for your answer ...
      > I do agree with your position: just wanted to 'push' a little bit
      > the discussion as, in my opinion, this is a ver hot and usefull
      > topic.

      I'm not sure what "my position" is ... I would certainly LIKE to
      have an automated acceptance test for everything. But ...

      I don't know any good ways (that is, quick, easy, flexible, not
      requiring lots of maintenance) to test things through the GUI;

      I feel that working GUI down tends to generate code that is less
      good than a focus on the "model" will provide ... at least for me,
      and I believe, for many others.

      When I can't live up to my ideals -- test everything with automated
      tests -- I fall back to the next best behavior I know, which is
      manual testing with attention paid to not changing the code once it
      has been tested.

      That's not very good ... I'm hoping someone here will give us
      something better ... it's just the best I know.

      Ideally, of course: test the GUI with an automated test. And if you
      find a good way ... let me know. :)

      > My past experience with automatic UI driven test systems is not so
      > good: it used to work in a decent way if you had many people working
      > full time on it ... and this is not usually the case looking around.
      > Another goal I'd like to reach with this post is real experience on
      > this topic .. real life, you know. And also in this direction I
      > thank you for your answer.

      My experience as well. My experience also is that automated tests
      are far more valuable than I realized before I had had so many. So I
      really feel the gap here. I wish I knew a good way to check Save As,
      starting from the GUI, in an automated way. But I do not.

      So, to reiterate hopefully more clearly, what I might do instead is

      Test the code, with nUnit or something like that.
      Test the model part, with FIT or something like that;
      Test the GUI part manually;

      Not perfect, but the best I have today.

      Ron Jeffries
      Make it real or else forget about it -- Carlos Santana
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