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108729Re: [XP] Re: Running Tested Features

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  • Piergiuliano Bossi
    Jul 15, 2005
      PierG wrote:

      >You are saying that your customer is able to 'understand' the
      >control level stuff and write her tests by herself?

      Don't take it too literally: I don't mean to explain MVC or PAC to the
      customer. But the abstraction of a *controller* can be recognized in a
      webapp if you talk about a /virtual browser/:
      *) through the browser you can click on a link and go into a page
      *) or you can enter some parameters and submit them to the server
      *) etc.
      You can implement all those functionalities right under your
      infrastructure of servlets, jsp, asp, etc. without rendering any HTML,
      nor interacting through HTTP. Doing this way the customer can fully test
      your application logic as well (ie: interaction flows). What is left is
      just HTML rendering (achievable with template engines or HTML
      generators) and mapping input/output to HTTP.

      A similar scheme can be applied to desktop GUIs as well. I even think
      that it's simpler in that case, because you are not constrained by HTTP
      stateless nature and markup contrivances of HTML. I did it a few years
      ago, but now the world is looking for webapps only... well, almost. :)

      I am not saying that it is /easy/, but this is an effort that pays many
      times for itself. If you show to your customer that the AT can be
      modified and behave just like interacting with the GUI then you are
      close to getting an "a-ha, I got it, let me try". I have seen it happen
      several times.

      >We are in trouble in just asking how they are going to use it to say
      >the feature is ok!!

      You are not alone, keep going, translate customer words in examples and
      start working from that.

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