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108642Re: [XP] Running Tested Features

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  • Phlip
    Jul 11, 2005
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      John Roth wrote:

      > At some point I'd cut that short by pointing out that there is a
      > standard way of doing it on Windows, and asking if that's
      > acceptable, or if the customer wants anything different. I'd probably
      > motivate that by waving the "the standard way is cheap, doing
      > something different is going to be expensive" flag.

      A project should start by declaring certain MotherhoodStories. Things
      like the performance target, the target platforms, and the
      look-and-feel. So if we start a project saying "Like MS Word", then
      the usability decision how to implement Save As is already made for

      Better, if we use MFC, we can just tell the Class Wizard to activate
      Save As, and it will do the rest.

      Test-first sucks. Just type the friggin feature in; it's only 4 lines
      of code now.


      > Since I've gotten agreement to do the standard thing (same as every
      > other application the customer uses on Windows), I'll just test to see
      > if the application creates the right file with the right name in the right
      > place. FitLibrary has a reasonable fixture for that. I might use it, or I
      > might take the basic idea and run with it.

      That does not test the user would have seen the Save As dialog.

      And that dialog is standard, so intercepting its event queue, to test
      and dismiss it, is hard.

      And putting this test into a grid in Fitnesse is an empty victory.


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