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108640RE: [XP] Running Tested Features

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  • Rob Syvertsen
    Jul 11, 2005
      PierG wrote:

      >Let's talk about real life: a real example. Let's suppouse that you
      >have to add a 'Save as' feature to your word processor.
      >Here are some questions:
      >. how do you define this feature?

      Talk to your customer. He defines the feature (with your help to guide
      him along)

      You: So let's talk about this 'Save as' story. How is it different from
      the 'Save' story we already did?
      Customer: Well, it's like MS Word.
      You: What do you mean?
      Customer: It brings up a window so you can type in a new name and stuff.
      You: What other stuff? Can you change the directory?
      Customer: Ya! I always use that. I don't want all my documents in My
      Documents. My company says I have to keep them on the network drives.

      >. how do you 'specify' the acceptance test?
      It must do everything the customer asked for in the above conversation.
      Testing will be much harder if you just call into the Common File Dialog
      directly than if you put a wrapper around it that let's you substitute a
      mock object. If you follow the Do the Simplest Thing That Could
      Possibly Work guideline, you'll probably call the Common File Dialog at
      some point and let MS do all the hard work for you.
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