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108639Re: [XP] Running Tested Features

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  • Phlip
    Jul 11, 2005
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      PierG wrote:

      > Let's talk about real life: a real example. Let's suppouse that you
      > have to add a 'Save as' feature to your word processor.
      > Here are some questions:

      > . how do you define this feature?

      Oooh, the temptation. Here's a story card with Save As scribbled on
      it. And there's the Common File Dialog, ready-made for us. All we need
      to do is call that dialog, check for success, mark our document as
      saved, and store the new filename.

      > . how do you 'specify' the acceptance test?
      > . tools to use in .Net environment?

      Implementing the feature is several orders of magnitude easier than
      figuring out how to storytest it and then test first it. Oooh, the

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