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108495Re: [XP] New article: "Ideas," not "Requirements"

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  • Dominic Williams
    Jul 1, 2005
      Hi Jim,

      I agree that using the word "requirements" is
      inappropriate in an XP context. "User story" is a vast
      improvement, but I really like your suggestion to use
      the word "idea", because it is less definitive than
      user story, and as you say in the article, anyone can
      have an idea.

      One problem is see with it is that one can also have
      "ideas" about the code, about the process... just like
      a story can be about anything, which may be why Kent (I
      presume) prepended the word "user".

      I still find myself using the word "feature" when I need
      to make it clear I'm talking about what the software

      Ideally, I'd like a word that merged all the qualities
      of idea, user story and feature... In the meantime,
      I'll definitely try "idea" in some circumstances.


      Dominic Williams

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