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107929Re: [XP] Design Agility? -> German version

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  • Jeff Grigg
    Jun 6, 2005
      > --- Jeff Grigg wrote:
      >> I stumbled across the Mozilla version for German:
      >> http://source.x2x2x.org/svn/x2x2x/saxon.net/trunk/Saxon.NET-B-8.4-
      >> or
      >> http://tinyurl.com/7llcr

      --- "Ilja Preuss" <preuss@d...> wrote:
      > Too much duplication for my taste...

      True, but...
      I found that while German spelling is somewhat more consistent than
      English, (There are fewer exceptions in the "-teen" and "-ty" ("-
      zehn/-zig) cases.) their use of compound words and other stylistic
      variations make it difficult to share the hundred, thousand and
      million code. When the number of exceptions exceeded the number of
      instances, I found my data-driven code difficult, and unrolled the
      loop, much as they have done.
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