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107817RE: [XP] Design Agility? (was: Duplication vs Intention Revealing code)

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  • Steve Bate
    Jun 1, 2005
      Ron wrote:
      > On Wednesday, June 1, 2005, at 5:13:36 PM, Steve Bate wrote:
      > > It wouldn't be a big problem in this case to rewrite all the
      > > code since it's a relatively small function. This issue
      > > can also apply to larger programs when I18N is added after an
      > > initial implementation (rather than being specified up front).
      > > Rewriting a large application might not be considered an
      > > acceptable solution for some (many?) customers.
      > But rewriting an entire application in order to internationalize it
      > seems extremely unlikely, especially if it has any reasonable design
      > structure at all, n'est pas? Nicht wahr? Eh?

      It depends. In this smaller application, the design structure
      seems reasonable but apparently didn't eliminate the need to
      rewrite it for the I18N requirement. The same could be true
      for some larger applications (and not true for many others).

      Maybe we should be careful in judging the reasonableness of
      design structure based on a need for significant rewrites after
      new requirements are identified. That's more or less why I
      mentioned the metric for design agility. I don't believe it's
      a great metric, but it's one that some people seem to use
      informally to judge other people's designs.

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