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106728[XP] How can you tell when your project is headed for disaster?

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  • John D. Mitchell
    May 3, 2005
      >>>>> "estherschindler" == estherschindler <esther@...> writes:

      > These indications don't have to be directly related to the technology or
      > the team. It's a bit funny to use an example from an advertisement, but
      > this one provides a good demonstration. In a Bank of America ad about
      > their investments in crappy neighborhoods (they didn't phrase it that
      > way), the speaker said they knew they'd succeeded, "when the flowerboxes
      > begin showing up on front porches." Teams have the same sort of indirect
      > indications, too, for good or ill. Which ones have you recognized -- or
      > failed to recognize? Are there distinctions between the signs that
      > mean,"This shows we're in trouble, but it can be fixed" and "We're about
      > to explode. Quit NOW!"?

      When caring / passion are traded away. IME, it's in the little things like
      people not actually, really listening to each other. Excuses like being
      busy are clear signs if they persist but it's time to freak out when people
      substitute the various political manipulation tricks such as
      enthusiastically agreeing with multiple, contradictory needs.

      Another case is when various addictive behaviors crop up. For example, "I
      can quit [doing something bad] anytime I want." (but never does) or
      "everything will be better after [pipe dream]." (but never does) or "well,
      I've already broke my diet with this one little cookie so screw it, I might
      as well eat the whole damn box." or....

      Have fun,
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