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106636Re: Recognizing when your project is headed for disaster?

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  • Jeff Grigg
    May 3, 2005
      --- Jeff Grigg wrote:
      >>>> So I joined the project, and saved it.

      >> --- Devin Mullins wrote:
      >>> How, may I ask?

      In part, by being a truly amazing C++ architect, developer, mentor,
      and technical lead. (...and modest too!!! ;-> :-)

      Aside from personal productivity and teamwork, what really made
      success possible was aggressive iterative development and delivery
      of functionality, similar to XP User Stories. And automated
      regression testing (but not full XP Test Driven Development).
      Intense teamwork and communication in a war room environment was
      very helpful too.

      We had to prove that we could develop working software quickly. And
      that it would actually work, and solve some business problems. And
      we needed confidence in our estimates (our Velocity), as we were
      working against the year 2000 deadline. Fortunately, we managed to
      achieve a much higher velocity than I or anyone else had expected,
      without which we would have had no hope of meeting the deadline.

      The technical issues were not the only project problems. I give our
      project leadership full credit for resolving a later political
      crisis between the I.T. department and external vendors that
      threatened to derail the whole project.
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