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106582Re: [XP] How can you tell when your project is headed for disaster?

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  • David Moskowitz
    May 2, 2005
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      Hi Esther,

      There is also the organization that says they want to do Agile
      (including XP), but don't have the internal culture to support it.
      I've seen this more than once. For a consultant, it can be very
      difficult to identify these situation during an interview or RFP

      What makes an agile project fail could be different from makes a
      classic project fail. Constant re-work kills a classic project by
      contributing to cost overruns, etc. That type of waste can (should)
      be avoided with an agile approach... but if an agile process is new
      to the organization, they have to be committed to making it succeed.

      If users aren't available to work with developers...
      If user disappear in the middle of the project...
      If staff is constantly re-assigned...
      If there is the organizational or cultural insistance the requirements
      and design have to be done before the code starts...
      If the development teams aren't empowered to make decisions...
      If the organization won't integrate testing into the development
      process (or insists that it's done after the code)...
      If it's impossible to get collabloration and cooperation between all

      ...the project is headed for disaster.


      On 4/30/05, estherschindler <esther@...> wrote:
      > I'm working on my next article for Software Test & Performance
      > magazine (stpmag.com). Ordinarily, my "best practices" column is about
      > the ways developers and testers do the right thing: the actions or
      > attitudes they've found successful. I'm taking a slightly different
      > approach, this time, by looking as crises in the making.
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