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106525Re: [XP] How should one start a project from an Agile/XP approach?

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  • Phlip
    May 1, 2005
      James Carr wrote:

      > I've been spending my freetime in the past few months reading up as
      > much as I can on Agile software development methods, but every day
      > requirements (or should they even be called that? I'll explain later)
      > cross my desk and I find myself stumped on how to begin. Most of the
      > time, I'll scribble down a small list of what is wanted/desired, and
      > let the project move from there (albeit poorly).

      People over processes.

      People should be approaching you with requirements. That means you can
      collaborate, briefly, to identify the "smallest part of these
      requirements that's most important for end-user productivity".

      Then, you implement that smallest part, and get it reviewed.

      > I guess what I'm asking is, how to start? Let's say for example that
      > the requirements are given for an online auction site. So uh, where do
      > you go from there, considering you've just been given the basics, such
      > as "allows for user feedback, auction notifications, etc" ?

      The end-user is the auctioneer (not the folks hitting the site!). So
      the most important feature is a front-page with a list of toys to
      sell. That means you enter the toys into a database _manually_, if
      needed, to get them onto the screen.

      Then you get the result reviewed, and repeat with the narrowest
      features that offer the biggest gain, until you have a deliverable.

      If you can't find a reviewer, and are left with only documentation,
      your client is not serious about the project, so beg off of it.

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