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106523Re: Up-front vs evolutionary design -- was XP pros & cons

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  • Jeff Langr
    May 1, 2005
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      Greetings Friedrich,

      > From: Friedrich Brunzema <brunzefb@...>
      >First I don't agree with the "refactoring Nazis", probably in part
      >because I was born in Germany and these guys were really evil – and
      >also because I truly believe that refactoring is every programmer's
      >responsibility in the team. You can't let a subset of the programmers
      >pollute the code, while another part of the team cleans up after them.
      My apologies for use of the term. I'll gladly use another term if
      someone can suggest a good one.

      Agreed, refactoring needs to be every programmer's responsibility. But
      not everyone on a typical team will truly understand duplication and
      thus won't refactor enough. Over time, they can learn, but you have an
      immediate need for enough team members that do understand how to
      recognize it. They've got to be vigilant in both spotting duplication
      and in keeping other programmers from polluting the code. Without a
      quorum of these folks (enough to cover all the pairs), early goings
      either run a high risk of having lots of duplication, or go very slowly
      until everyone is on the same page.

      >In some (limited and clear cases) however, it is better to do some
      >design up front instead of incrementally getting the design to support
      >all of the functionality. This is especially true if you know "100%
      >for sure" that you will need something specific.
      You know 100% for sure what the functionality will be at the outset of
      each iteration. That's where I emphasize doing any upfront sketching.
      I've also found it helps to have a general idea of the architectural
      direction at the outset of a project or release (sounds like you agree).
      Some changes are too costly no matter how good a team has been refactoring.

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