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106512Re: [XP] Interviewing with a "reverse resume" (was: How can you tell when your project is headed for disaster?)

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  • Phlip
    May 1, 2005
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      Devin Mullins wrote:

      > How do you take all these project failures to a job interview?

      Okay, I'l pretend this is an interview. (Meaning I won't scream "mind
      your own business!";)

      > Do you
      > say, honestly, why you feel each one was a failure, and you were just a
      > victim of happenstance?

      For a couple of them, I did not bail when the warning signs appeared
      (such as the bosses start shifting us between projects every other
      week). For a couple of them, I went with a very high-risk project
      because I wanted the technical challenge and potential reward. In both
      cases, my loyalty was used against me.

      > a)you're the fault of some of these failures

      If a boss repeatedly disregards your advice, then blames you as a
      project starts failing, what would you do?

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