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106511Re: [XP] Interviewing with a "reverse resume" (was: How can you tell when your project is headed for disaster?)

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  • Phlip
    May 1, 2005
      Devin Mullins wrote:

      > Phlip wrote:
      > >Oh dear. One "reverse resume" coming up. The recurring theme is
      > >technical success against overwhelming odds (some of which XP could
      > >have reduced), followed by management fiascos...
      > How do you take all these project failures to a job interview?

      They are all _technical_ successes. Everyone knows .DOT com bosses are
      full of crap.

      Also, some aren't business failures, they are simply insufficiently
      exploited technical success.

      Yes, it's a drag, but I don't present them all as business failures,
      and the interviewers don't ask...

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