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106508Re: [XP] Interviewing with a "reverse resume" (was: How can you tell when your project is headed for disaster?)

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  • Devin Mullins
    May 1, 2005
      Phlip wrote:

      >Oh dear. One "reverse resume" coming up. The recurring theme is
      >technical success against overwhelming odds (some of which XP could
      >have reduced), followed by management fiascos...
      How do you take all these project failures to a job interview? Do you
      say, honestly, why you feel each one was a failure, and you were just a
      victim of happenstance? Do you try and downplay that part, and just
      point out your successes in the projects? etc. If they question whether
      or not a)you're the fault of some of these failures, or b)you're too
      picky, what do you do to combat that opinion?

      I'm not in that situation, mind you, but I like to ask questions about
      the extremes and then interpolate.
      Devin Mullins
      Intergalactic Teleport Industries, Inc.
      Chief Technical Officer
      Santa Martia, Mars
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