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106494Re: [XP] Up-front vs evolutionary design -- was XP pros & cons

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  • Phlip
    May 1, 2005
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      Friedrich Brunzema wrote:

      > First I don't agree with the "refactoring Nazis", probably in part
      > because I was born in Germany and these guys were really evil – and
      > also because I truly believe that refactoring is every programmer's
      > responsibility in the team. You can't let a subset of the programmers
      > pollute the code, while another part of the team cleans up after them.

      On a project with legacy code, wouldn't "refactoring ideolog" be a
      useful role? Bad code is typically stereotypically bad, with a number
      of specific AntiPatterns. As your development gets stuck on one, you
      call in the ideolog familiar with turning that pattern around.

      > While I agree that it's hard at first to consistently do test-first,
      > it definitively is possible to be very meticulous (maybe even pedantic
      > – a trait my wife hates about me) about testing first and letting the
      > tests drive the design - our team and project and code are living
      > proof that this is possible.

      Your wife dislikes you are pedantic about TDD with her? I don't even
      try with mine. We went to see Hitchhiker last night, only because we
      were late for the Interpreter, and the audience was too packed for me
      to keep annoying them by explaining things all evening. You could tell
      from the pattern of laughter in the house which ones had read the
      book. The movie's only problems are an occassional rough texture, and
      few attempts to keep the technically illiterate connected to the plot
      between the pseudo-science jokes.

      Then we got in the car and turned on the radio, and they were playing
      "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young. Gotta love a culture of product
      placements... ;-)

      > As far as up-front design

      Aaaauugghhh! Infinite improbability! Bail! Bail!

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