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102162Re: [XP] Re: Asynchronous background build and continuous integration

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  • Chris Dollin
    Jan 18, 2005
      On Monday 17 January 2005 17:26, Jeff Grigg wrote:
      > > --- Robert Watkins wrote:
      > >> Personally, I find long builds offensive, _even if they
      > >> aren't causing me any pain_. The "Build Successful"
      > >> message is feedback, and I want to reduce the time that
      > >> feedback takes to arrive.
      > --- Ron Jeffries <ronjeffries@X...> wrote:
      > > In what way are they offensive?
      > Let's say it's Friday. At 5:23 P.M. I just checked in my changes
      > and I want to go home. But what if it takes Cruise Control 15
      > minutes to run all the tests? Should I wait until it completes,
      > confirming that my changes were good, before I leave for the
      > weekend? What if it takes half an hour? What if it takes an hour?

      I have learnt the hard way the following rule: never check significant
      modifications in (in our case, to SourceForge) ten minutes before
      going home time on a Friday, or indeed any other day of the week.
      Because, even if all the tests pass, even if you updated just recently,
      *that* will be when you forgot to cvs-add the new tiny class, and when
      the connection to SF is taking place along a stretch of salty string,
      and the fetch-code-into-paranoia-directory step takes forever, and
      *then* you discover there's a problem, and you've come in by train
      not car so an extra ten minutes isn't fatter traffic-jams and twenty
      minutes extra on the commute, it's getting home an *hour* later ...

      Chris "electric hedgehog" Dollin
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