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101331Re: [XP] Smalltalks decline!

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  • Gary Feldman
    Dec 27, 2004
      Victor wrote:
      >>Why don't languages simply evolve?
      > On one hand inertia, and the "not invented here" syndrome. On the other,
      > creative people want to have their own child. On the third, like the snake's
      > skin constraining growth, old languages are built in such a way that
      > evolutionary changes cannot compare with revolutionary conceptual changes,
      > like object orientation.
      >>There was such an investment in
      >>Cobol. Why couldn't Sun have created the Java language with the

      I think the best way to answer this question is to study the differences between C++ and Java/C#, strictly from the language design point of view. The development of C++ was constrained by the requirement that it be a superset of C.

      It's a mistake to suggest that Java was based on C (as opposed to COBOL); at least, that's how I'm reading the original question. Java uses basically similar syntax, but variable declarations and semicolon separated statements have been around since Algol 60. The underlying data models are quite different.

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