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100308Re: [XP] XP Survival in the age of Model Driven Architecture

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  • Jim Standley
    Dec 5, 2004
      "Gartner Group evaluates our Model Execution System and declares a 12 to
      47 times improvement over other development approaches." So do they
      recommend I cut my development budget by 92% or 98%?

      Israel Antezana wrote:
      > Steven,
      > The ONME software is not a demo tool its a commercial tool ready to be used. But there is a demo about how to use this tool on its website (www.care-t.com)
      > It was the first time i worked with this tool, and when worked with it I noticed it really boosted my productivity, actually this company has passed a Gartner group evaluation in which Gartner declares a 12 to 47 times improvement when using this MDA tool.
      > I could use the tool in an iterative way, working in an increment on the model and generating the code in each increment with good results. Although I did not work in a test driven way, I am interested in exploring alternatives, if necessary, about using a TDD aproach in this context.
      > Best regards,
      > Israel Antezana
      > Steven Gordon <sagordon@...> wrote:
      > Isreal,
      > Since you have actually been using this demo tool, please tell us
      > about your actuall experiences using this tool.
      > Did this tool affect how you went about doing your project? Did
      > the tool make it difficult for you to implement your research
      > project one requirement at a time (or are you implementing your
      > research project in a waterfall fashion)? Did this tool help,
      > hinder, or have no effect on how you defined tests for your
      > software?
      > Steven A. Gordon, Ph.D.
      > Manager, Software Factory
      > Arizona State University
      > PO Box 875506
      > Tempe, AZ 85287-9509
      > http://sf.asu.edu
      > (480)-727-6271
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