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  • > I don't see any posts since 2008. Not really. :-) We're still programming Perl at bivio, even more extremely than before. I'm trying to keep up a personal page viarob.com. I don't know of anybody programming Perl extremely so I can't say the movement has caught on. ;-) Cheers, Rob
    Rob Nagler Jul 20, 2009
  • Hello Extreme Perlers! It has been a long time since we have seen a post on this list. I hope that means you are all busily writing software, and cannot spare a minute to write about the interesting things you are doing with XP and Perl. Over the last few years, I've been busy learning and growing by coding as well. Being with a family is also exciting, interesting, and always an...
    Rob Nagler Apr 2, 2008
  • One of the more difficult aspects of life is converting experience into skill. Without this essential step, life is a series of unconnected experiences to look back on, possibly with regret. Kids often feel this way, and unfortunately, many adults do, too. I spend a lot of time thinking of ways to create a loop between my experience and skill. Often, there are very simple ways to...
    Rob Nagler Jul 27, 2006
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  • Yahoo is going to shut down this group unless I send a message every now and then so here's an unoffical blog entry. ;-) Good thing XP values communication and feedback. Don't all jump in at once! Speaking of blogs, we added blogging support to bOP. I find it interesting when people raise an eyebrow to this. We added a Wiki, and got the same reaction. Reuse is hard, and reusing...
    Rob Nagler Jul 7, 2006
  • This wasn't a SMOP. Not even close. If you've read my book, you know that I use SMOP to mean Subject Matter Oriented Programming. The Hacker's Dictionary defines SMOP as a Small Matter of Programming. To me, they are one in the same. If you focus on the subject matter, it truly is a small matter of programming. Way too much software is written with the solution in mind. I'm beat. I...
    Rob Nagler Apr 30, 2006
  • mah@^$1 writes: > SVN uses WebDAV. Wouldn't that be a natural solution? If you were to > use SVK-over-SVN, you could keep a local repository that could be > merged with the global one at any time. The fact that Subversion supports DAV is a red herring, since the original question was about disconnected use. When you reconnect, it is to a remote wiki. The question then is: what...
    Rob Nagler Mar 21, 2006
  • ...With WebDAV, you mount the web server that contains the wiki. You could then use CVS to link it (cvs -d /Volumes/dav.bivio.biz/nagler/wiki), and then edit/checkin/checkout to your heart's content. The wiki works independently, and if you want to, you can run a...
    Rob Nagler Mar 21, 2006
  • Mark A. Hershberger writes: > What a coincidence! I write on my weblog by typing text in emacs and > typing C-c C-c! (weblogger.el is my secret weapon.) :-) Since there's been an overwhelming demand for a blog, and since this list has been getting more noise than signal lately (those buggers registered a bunch of addresses a while ago, and are using them. I'm tempted to kill all...
    Rob Nagler Mar 18, 2006
  • Greg C writes: > Hey Rob, you aughta blog. In a way I do. It's not fancy like other blogs, and it is communal, instead of me, it's "we". The nice thing about this blog is that is short and to the point, and gives the programming community something they usually don't get with other blogs. Scroll down to the word CHANGES: http://petshop.bivio.biz/src?s=Bivio::bOP Rob
    Rob Nagler Mar 18, 2006
  • apv writes: > Well, now I'm worried about blogging. I thought it was a good idea > but now I'm not certain. I'm also quite scared because I've > been using vim since I was told it was the "much easiest." > You've made me doubt everything today. :-) Rob
    Rob Nagler Mar 13, 2006