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Senior Project Manager wanted for company in New York City

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  • Matisse Enzer
    I am helping this company find a PM. Feel free to redistribute, especially to places where creative, non-traditional Project Managers will see it. Reply to:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 26, 2006
      I am helping this company find a PM. Feel free to redistribute,
      especially to places where creative, non-traditional Project Managers
      will see it.

      Reply to: jobs@...
      Title: Senior Project Manager
      Location: On-site, New York City, NY
      Reports to: VP of Engineering

      We are a cutting edge startup which has developed an elegant yet
      visual interface whereby anyone can build applications that, for
      enable disparate systems to communicate without having to write code.
      Some of
      our first customers are leading financial institutions.


      We are looking for a strong project manager with full life-cycle
      experience. As the senior project manager, you will have the overall
      responsibility for the creation, continuous development, evolution, and
      implementation of project management processes and systems to fulfill
      requirements set by management. You will be managing the day-to-day
      of software development, providing management with advice, alternatives,
      estimates and judgments on development cost, in time, money and other
      resources for tasks, features, and projects presented by management,
      and for
      tracking the utilization of those resources on projects.

      You will work closely with senior technical staff as well as business
      and provide detailed project status information including ASAP
      of anything that is off-schedule and/or seems likely to soon be off-
      Management will also be looking to draw on your experience to suggest
      improvements in all aspects of the software development process ---
      requirements gathering, documentation, and change control.


      Your background should include managing major revisions, releases, or
      development of commercial or enterprise software. You should have a
      commitment to best practices in project management, including
      knowledge of
      systems and processes for schedule management, resource allocation,
      budgeting, issue tracking, estimating, and quality control. You
      should have
      real-world experience with multiple project management methodologies
      and be
      able to articulate the differences, similarities, advantages and
      disadvantages to non-project management professionals.

      You should have excellent plays-well-with-others skills, and like
      with many different kinds of people.

      You should demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication
      If possible, include writing samples that describe complex issues for
      non-technical audiences.

      Familiarity with specific technologies, though preferred, is second to
      experience implementing and managing controls for software development.
      Position requires adeptness working with engineering staff and
      business unit
      personnel. The ability to manage expectations realistically and
      is highly valued.

      Sense of humor.

      Nice To Have

      Experience with XP, SCRUM, Agile methodologies in general.

      Experience managing projects with geographically dispersed teams (please
      indicate this in your cover letter).

      PMP certification, experience working with an ASP model, and
      familiarity with
      SQA processes.

      Experience managing non-software projects, especially other types of
      projects that involve teams of diverse skill areas, such as film or
      video production.
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