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Call for Participation - Agile 2006

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  • Alex Viggio
    Call for Participation - Agile 2006 July 23-29, 2006. Hyatt Regency Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. http://www.agile2006.com Submission deadlines: -
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      Call for Participation - Agile 2006

      July 23-29, 2006. Hyatt Regency Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


      Submission deadlines:
      - January 31, 2006: Discovery Session, Experience Reports, Hands-on
      Sessions, Tutorials
      - February 28, 2006: Research Papers, Educators' Symposium

      Agile 2006 will be an exciting conference about techniques and
      technologies, attitudes and policies, research and experience, and the
      management and development sides of agile software development. The
      agile approach focuses on delivering business value early in the project
      lifetime and being able to incorporate emergent requirements. It
      accentuates the use of rich, informal communication channels and
      frequent delivery of running, tested systems, while attending to the
      human component of software development.

      Agile 2006 gives attendees access to the latest thinking in this domain,
      and bridges communities that rarely get a proper chance to exchange
      ideas and thoughts. It brings together researchers from labs and
      academia with executives, managers, and developers in the trenches of
      software development. The conference is not about a single methodology
      or approach, but rather provides a forum for the exchange of information
      regarding all agile development technologies.

      We invite submissions for the following:

      **Research paper
      An original contribution to the field of agile development. These
      submissions have the potential to promote reflection in the field, to
      deepen our understanding of agile approaches, to influence future
      developments, and to inspire innovation.

      **Educators' Symposium
      A one-day event targeted particularly for agile educators. Sessions here
      may take a variety of forms, such as papers, panels and activities.

      **Experience Report
      An opportunity to describe what did or didn't work for you on a project.
      Experience reports allow practitioners to share practical advice and
      warnings to other teams. The proposal is a short summary of your
      experience which will result in a paper presentation at the conference.

      **Discovery Session
      An opportunity for conference attendees to learn from each other about a
      relevant topic and share the concrete outcomes after the session. These
      90 or 180 minute sessions may take several formats including a think
      tank, a goldfish bowl or a workshop.

      An opportunity for an expert to share knowledge with others through a
      combination of lecture and exercise. Tutorials may be either 90 or 180

      **Hands-on session
      An all-day or multi-day event during which participants are encouraged
      to drop in and stay from one hour to all day to work hands-on developing
      software. In past years, hands-on events featured the FIT Fest, which
      provided opportunities to use FIT and FitNesse.

      Watch the Agile 2006 website for details--to be posted soon!

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