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Re: [extremeperl] Re: Testing, Audience, etc.

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  • Stas Bekman
    ... Since you are talking about testing apps against webserver, I d plug in the new Apache::Test framework which most Apache::* modules and frameworks
    Message 1 of 20 , Feb 21, 2002
      Rob Nagler wrote:

      >>What tools/techniques have you used
      >>in the past to do acceptance testing?
      > The best tool is perl. We used it to test our CORBA based Web server,
      > and we use it to test our application written in perl. It is not very
      > hard to build an acceptance test suite using tools like LWP and
      > HTMLParser.
      > I am a little behind schedule. My goal is to release our internal
      > infrastructure by the end of the month. It will come with a test
      > suite which tests our pet shop demo (http://petshop.bivio.biz).
      >>Do I have to setup a fake web server
      >>environment & run the tests that way?
      > I find for acceptance testing you need a test environment which is as
      > close to your production environment as possible. Any of our
      > developers can run the test suite on their personal Web servers.
      > Every night we run the test suite against our test servers, which are
      > relatively clean machines.

      Since you are talking about testing apps against webserver, I'd plug in
      the new Apache::Test framework which most Apache::* modules' and
      frameworks' developers will find very helpful. The goal is to have every
      Apache::* module needing mod_perl or just plain apache env, use
      Apache::Test for its test. There is no more excuses for not having
      tests. And if something is missing from its functionality now it's the
      time to jump in and ask for it/add it.

      httpd-test project is using this Perl framework for testing C modules
      for Apache 1.3 and 2.0 and the server itself. And of course originally
      it was developed for mod_perl 2.0. The same test suite can work with
      httpd 1.3 and httpd 2.0. For more info see:

      Once we release the new modperl site (hopefully in a few weeks) this URL
      will appear as:

      I've started mentioning XP in this doc and mention reasons for a need to
      test, but more work in needed so your help is very welcome.

      To get the framework grab the httpd-test rep from cvs or the snapshot:

      also see:

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