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Yet Another Perl Conference, North America, 2005 Registration now open

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    ... Yet Another Perl Conference, North America, 2005 Registration now open. Conference dates: Monday - Wednesday 27 - 29 June 2005 Location: 89 Chestnut
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2005
      Yet Another Perl Conference, North America, 2005 Registration now

      Conference dates: Monday - Wednesday 27 - 29 June 2005

      Location: 89 Chestnut Street http://89chestnut.com/
      University of Toronto
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Info at: http://yapc.org/America

      Direct registration:

      Full registration fee $85 (USD)

      Book now for great deals on accommodations and ensure a space for

      Speaking slots are still open. If you would like to present at
      YAPC::NA 2005, see: http://yapc.org/America/cfp-2005.shtml

      Details of this announcement:

      More Details

      Registration for YAPC::NA (Yet Another Perl Conference, North America)
      2005 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is now open.

      The conference registration price is USD$85. This price includes
      admission to all aspects of the conference, respectable amounts of
      catering, several activities and a few conference goodies.

      The YAPC North America 2005 conference features...

      * Fantastic speakers

      + most are the core creators of the technology on which
      they present

      + many are professional IT authors, trainers and conference

      * An excellent learning opportunity

      * A chance to meet Perl professionals from all over North America
      and the world

      + YAPC attendees tend to be very involved in Perl and so are
      another great way to learn more about what the language
      has to offer beyond just what the speakers have to say

      * Extra-curricular / after hours activities

      * A great location in downtown Toronto

      All this, and the price is more than an order of magnitude cheaper
      than what commercial conferences can offer. This is because YAPC is a
      100% volunteer effort, both from its organizers and its speakers.
      Quality is *not* sacrificed to achieve this stunning level of

      YAPC provides the best value-for-dollar in IT conferences. And it's a
      ton of fun, too.

      The dates of the conference are Monday - Wednesday 27-29 June
      2005. The location is 89 Chestnut Street in downtown Toronto, Ontario,
      Canada. (Note that a different date block was previously announced;
      we moved the conference date to accommodate venue availability.)

      http://89chestnut.com/ -- a facility within the University of Toronto

      If you are at all interested in attending the conference...

      Book now!

      Book now!

      Book now!

      We have room for about 400 attendees and we hope to sell out well
      in advance of the late June conference date. However, the critical
      matter is that of hotels.

      The YAPC::NA 2005 organizers have made group arrangements with several
      facilities around the city to provide _excellent_ quality
      accommodations in _very_ convenient locations at _terrific_ prices for
      the _full_ capacity of conference attendees (around 400 people).

      (Finding, booking and paying accommodations is the responsibility of
      the attendees, but we will provide you with a list of the hotels and
      university dorms to try first based on our group arrangement with them
      when you register for the conference. Also, see the web site at
      http://yapc.org/America/accommodations-2005.shtml. More details will be
      up shortly. The dorm option will be approx. C$55/night, the hotel
      options will be more like C$90/night, and for slightly different prices
      there will be options for putting more than 1 person in a room. Exact
      details and how to book will be emailed directly to people who have
      registered for the conference as soon as they become available.)

      *The catch is -- book now!!* The group reservations will expire in
      early May, at which point in time the group rates will mostly still
      apply, but the rooms will be given out on an "availability basis".
      Which means that someone else outside of the YAPC group can book the
      rooms as well.

      Make no mistake -- the rooms *will* be sold. Toronto is a very active
      conference city in the summer and there will be _no_ guarantee of
      vacancies either at the facilities we made arrangements with or
      anywhere else in the city if you leave it to within 6 weeks of the
      conference date. So, if you want to save yourself the likely-fruitless
      headache of scrambling around looking for accommodations at the last

      Book now!

      Book now!

      Book now!

      Have any questions? Email na-help@... for more details.

      Additionally, we are still welcoming submissions for proposals via:


      The close of the call-for-papers is April 18, 2005 at 11:59 pm
      (Toronto time).

      If you have any questions regarding the call-for-papers or speaking at
      YAPC::NA 2005 please email na-author@...

      We would love to hear from potential sponsors. Please contact the
      organizers at na-sponsor@... to learn about the benefits of
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