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78Re: [extremeperl] Sharing Keyboards with Emacs?

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  • Mark T. Dame
    May 4, 2004
      On 5/4/04 1:35 PM, Richard Heintze wrote:

      > Someone mentioned that there was a special feature in
      > Emacs that facilitated pair programming. I'm very
      > familiar with emacs but I have not run across this
      > feature before. Can someone send me a pointer to the
      > fragment emacs documentation that discusses this?

      I don't know about emacs, but on E-Macs (or any Mac) you can connect
      multiple USB keyboards for pair programming. We use this method. We
      connect two keyboards to the Mac, and each keyboard has two USB ports
      that we connect a mouse to. That gives each programmer a keyboard and a

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