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76Re: [extremeperl] Introduction...

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  • Adrian Howard
    Apr 30, 2004
      Since everybody else is doing introductions...

      Programming since 81. Been paid for it since 86. First used Perl in 96.
      Started along the agile/XP route around 2000/1. Joined the extremeperl
      list (quick grep of the mbox) sometime in 2002. Have mostly lurked (not
      that there has been a lot to lurk around.)

      Not had a chance to more than skim a couple of chapters of Rob's book
      (this annoying "work" thing keeps getting in the way), but what I have
      seen looks jolly good.

      Been a contractor / consultant type since 1999 so I don't have my own
      little XP team to play with (sigh), but all my clients get the spiel
      and a few XP practices thrown in for good measure!

      I'm of the opinion that XP and Perl are an excellent fit. The XP
      practices stop the creation of golf/line-noise code, allowing its nice
      features to shine through.

      Oh yes, I wrote Test:Class for any xUnit fans out there.


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