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74Re: Introduction

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  • Forrest Chang
    Apr 28, 2004
      > It sounds like there are other people here that are
      > doing perl/XP
      > professionally... so, where is everyone located,
      > what size of group do
      > you have, what kind of product are you doing, how
      > long have you been doing
      > perl/xp, etc?


      I was drawn to this list in that I'm a big fan of XP
      and Perl. Professionally, I work in a company with a
      strong interest/vestment in CMMI, so aside from being
      the mad scientist/whiz kid/rabble rouser, I'm trying
      to figure out how to find a way to make agile
      practices acceptable. In my current project, I've
      taken to using perl for a number of tasks because it
      was the most suitable language available for those
      tasks. Since agile isn't a company mandated process,
      it's been mostly limited to my team (what I can teach
      to them, I have a weekly "forced mentoring" session
      that I bring up various topics, which has been agile
      focussed for a while, I just finished a group TDD
      exercise in perl today), and myself, and what I can do
      w/other folks interested in agile.

      On something related to the book, I've been
      collecting ideas for a book I'd like to write, that
      would have overlap with extreme perl, so when I saw
      the manuscript, I realize someone is already trying to
      tackle that, so I'll probably have to reference it.


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