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  • chudpi
    Apr 27 7:08 PM
      <Rob Nagler wrote:
      > Please do. You are the acceptance test of the book. I try to fix
      > little errors pretty quickly so they don't annoy others.

      Per request, below is the list of possible minor typos or errors which
      I noticed while reading the book. I have not finished reading the
      book yet, so I will post as much as I found so far and then continue
      chapter by chapter if I notice anything else. Some of these are
      ambiguous, in which case my posts will be a suggestion or an 'is that
      really what you meant, or perhaps was this supposed to be
      $fill_in_the_blank' question.
      Either way, I hope this will be helpful and not too annoying. The
      plan is to pinpoint the sentence, print it as is, ask my question or
      suggest modification.

      Here we go:

      Chapter 1 - was clean or I wasn't paying attention.

      Chapter 2.
      Core Values
      Paragraph 3
      Last sentence: "As you read through the descriptions in the
      following sections, you'll see how the value support each other and
      the practices."
      Suggestion: 'values' instead of 'value.'

      Paragraph 3 (OAOO)
      First sentence: "Once and only once (OAOO) helps you maintain
      your agility by a reducing the size of your code base."
      Suggestion: remove the 'a' before 'reducing.'

      Paragraph 4
      Last sentence: "XP accepts that people's emotions vary, so XP
      uses team interactions to keep the project stable and to provide
      emotional support in those inevitably difficult times."
      Suggestion: Ambiguity: Do you mean to convey that the times are
      inevitably difficult, or that difficult times are inevitable. If
      latter, I'd suggest replacing 'inevitably difficult times' with
      'inevitable, difficult times.'

      Chapter 3 - clean, or Pete was not paying attention.

      Chapter 4
      Spike Solutions
      Paragraph 2
      Third sentence: "For example, one project were involved in
      required us to download transactions from financial websites."
      Suggestion: place 'we' before 'were involved.'

      Paragraph 5
      Second sentence: "The team may get done early in which case to
      pull them out mid-release and add enough stories to meet the deadline
      for the current release."
      Suggestion: remove the 'to' in front of 'pull.'

      Chapter 5
      The Meeting
      Paragraph 1
      Second sentence: "Somebody reads the stories allowed, and
      everybody contributes to identifying the tasks, which are written on
      whiteboards or flip charts for all to see."
      Suggestion: Homophone: replace 'allowed' with 'aloud'
      unless you meant to say that only the permitted
      stories are read, which would not seem to make
      sense in the context.

      Paragraph 4
      Second sentence: "Others may have a thebetter feeling for the
      problem and/or implementation."
      Suggestion: remove 'the' from 'thebetter.'

      The Beat Goes on
      Suggestion: heading: capitalize 'On'?
      Paragraph 1
      First sentence: "From the first iteration to the last, and XP
      team cranks out a steady stream of software distributions."
      Suggestion: remove 'd' from 'and' before 'XP team.'

      That's all I have for now. I promise to post any additional typos as
      I come across them in my reading.
      Any and all actual modifications are, naturally, at the sole
      discretion of the author.

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