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  • Matthew Albright
    Apr 27, 2004
      Wow, looks like there's activity here now!

      I'm also a newcomer to the group... someone on the san francisco perl
      mongers group pointed me here after I gave a talk to them (and the bayxp
      group) about the perl/XP process we're following here at Airwave

      Reading the book is something I have on my to-do list, but just haven't
      gotten a chance yet. I'm very excited to see if there are cool ideas we
      could use here...

      The reason I was asked to do the talk is that the XP people thought that
      using perl was rather unique, and the perl people thought that using XP
      was intriguing.

      It sounds like there are other people here that are doing perl/XP
      professionally... so, where is everyone located, what size of group do
      you have, what kind of product are you doing, how long have you been doing
      perl/xp, etc?

      I'll start:
      Airwave is in San Mateo, CA, USA (San Francisco Bay Area)... we are
      developing (and selling) a wireless network management application. It is
      nearly 100% OO perl that was developed over the past 3 or so years with a
      full XP process (pairing/tdd/2 week iterations/etc). Our group is
      currently 7 developers, looking to get to 8 very soon (hint hint).

      Let's hear from everyone else!

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