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62Re: Online book: Extreme Programming with Perl

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  • chudpi
    Apr 26, 2004
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      After reviewing the list of things I marked, there is only one which
      would qualify as 'constructive.' In Chapter 2, the last sentence in
      the Feedback section is an observation by Johannes Rukkers, that "XP
      uses feedback to integrate towards a solution, rather than trying to
      get it through a discontinuity." I'm not sure if I follow exactly
      what Johannes means by discontinuity. I was wondering if you wouldn't
      mind expanding on that statement?
      Admitedly, XP is a concept quite new to me (hence my enthusiasm), so
      this could be something obvious to the dwellers of this group. In
      that case, I apologize for introducing redundancy.

      The rest of what I had marked were simple formatting errors I noticed,
      which will probably get hashed out in editing anyway. Please let me
      know if you would like me to send you a list of these anyway.


      --- In extremeperl@yahoogroups.com, Rob Nagler <nagler@b...> wrote:
      > Well, we're not exactly flooded with msgs on this list, and I enjoy
      > the kind of feedback public discussion provides. Why not try
      > a point or two to this list, and we'll see how it goes.
      > The reason I put the book online is that it was sitting offline too
      > long without much constructive feedback. I was falling prey to
      > Release Syndrome. The only way this book is going to get better is
      > people read it and tell me (us) what they think about it.
      > I've had a few side discussions recently, but they're mostly about
      > typos or word choice. Probably best to send those directly to me.
      > BTW, our little group has doubled in size in the last few weeks.
      > Thanks,
      > Rob
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