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6Re: [extremeperl] CPAN and XP

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  • marceusz@aol.com
    Jan 28, 2002
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      In a message dated 28-Jan-02 6:15:30 PM GMT Standard Time, nagler@... writes:

      It's very tough to talk about CPAN modules and XP, because they don't
      apply OO principles consistently.  I consider consistency, OO and,
      information hiding to be prerequisites for refactoring.  XP requires
      the team agree on a coding style which is the anthesis of TIMTOWTDI.

      Actually I don't find either of these to be particularly true. While it is true that XP works easier with the OO paradigm, One of the XP books states explicitly that it's not required ... and there is nothing in XP per-se that requires Objects be the results of your code.

      Second coding-style does not neccessarily equate identical solution ... TIMTOWDI is the essence of Refactoring. Refactoring expands, and "codefies" if you will the idea of TIMTOWDI ... if your code is icky you find another less icky way to code it.

      Isee "Code Style" however comming in with the other major audiance for code, the other developers. If the next poor schmuck is expecting to see $this_is_arg1 and instead gets $thisIsArg1 (or possibly @_[1]) this becomes much more a stylistic problem. The two statments are identical, just rely upon different syntactic differences. The team each need to be able to "write with one voice" so it appears that one coder developed the entire piece.

      This is my tuppence ... for what it's worth.

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