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59Looking for XP Perl Programmer in Boulder Area

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  • Sieg_Heintze
    Apr 21, 2004
      I'm looking for a perl programming partner in the Boulder area to bop
      over to my home office for 10 hours a week and pair program with with

      I've been working in Perl for the last year and the ideal candidate
      will be able to teach me some perl and XP.

      This will be an experiement for me so I'm not ready to make a big
      committment. I inherited 10K lines of poorly written perl code a year
      ago and I've been commenting it (and adding use strict and use
      warnings) as I enhance it. The code makes extensive use of browser
      side javascript too. The user interface is the most intense I've ever
      seen on the web.

      The client does all the user interface design himself and I just
      implement it with generous doses of javascript. The problem is that I
      have some other clients and I cannot keep up with his requests. Since
      the code is so convoluted, the buy-in time would be horrible for a
      traditional sub-contractor so I believe pair programming would be the
      only option for gettign some help so I can attend to the needs of my
      other clients.