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5Re: [extremeperl] estimation

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  • Tom Brown
    Jan 28, 2002
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      On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Perrin Harkins wrote:

      > Not perl-specific, but kind of an XP thing:
      > I am trying to convert the management at my organization to a more XP way of
      > thinking regarding estimates. I just had a meeting about a longer-term
      > project (about 3 months) where I told them that I can provide a working
      > release every two weeks, and they can choose the most important features
      > they want in the next release each time. They were very reluctant. They
      > would much rather have me tell them a date when all of their features will
      > be done, and I think they would rather have this regardless of whether or
      > not the date is correct.
      > They just can't deal with the idea of working on the most important features
      > until the systems has enough to go into production, or even with working
      > toward a date and dropping features as necessary to hit it. I wonder if
      > this is the biggest obstacle to getting XP practices adopted. I also wonder

      Not it my experience. Pair programming and testing were harder to
      introduce to an environment foreign to those concepts... and the test
      suites are of course core to the whole methodology.

      I found the XP scheduling methods to be intuitive and make so much sense
      that I would expect anyone to understand and agree. Can you just buy
      whomever doesn't understand lunch, and try explaining it again? Maybe
      putting it in context with the what you describe in the next sentence
      would help?

      > if this is all the fault of consulting companies, who always seem to give
      > exact dates, even though they never hit them.

      So, give them a date. If they don't want the benefits, they don't have to
      have them. Of course, you do need their assistance for continuous
      feedback, so maybe it isn't that simple....

      > - Perrin
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