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  • Greg C
    Apr 21, 2006
      Recently I was tasked with evaluating/working on a requirements and test
      management product for my company that was selected by one of my
      coworkers. The product has the clumsy name of Silk Central Test
      Management, from Segue <http://www.segue.com> .

      We don't do XP or Agile development here but some people think we do
      (magic thinking), so we asked the vendor for an XP referral and another
      person in the company interviewed the referral.

      Here's the entire report from that interview:
      "They do agile development but only update their automated tests once a
      So I'm left thinking that at best, the referral does a lot of manual
      testing and uses the product to manage the results and at worst we have
      my company that thinks it does Agile development talking to another
      company that thinks the same thing, when neither actually does and the
      referral is valueless.

      From the work I've done with it, I feel that the product is a bad fit
      for us and for Agile development. It's heavily oriented towards Java,
      which is about the only language we're not using, and I'd kinda like to
      keep it that way. The product is heavily oriented to manual and
      automated testing of GUIs and it's a major effort to get it to test the
      business logic of our libraries. The product's definition of user roles
      is also very constraining. I've had to jump between two accounts and two
      systems to be able to get anything done. And their API documentation
      and licensing practices seem to be part of a secret conspiracy to make
      Open Source look good. (With OSS, if the documentation is out of date
      you can always look at the code; not so with this kind of commercial

      So has anyone had a good experience with a commercial test management
      system and Agile development?

      If not, why not?


      Greg C

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